University courses

Instructor (Stony Brook University, NY) Summer 2015   ESL 193: Advanced Composition

Fall      2014     ESL 192: Intermediate Composition

Teaching assistant (Stony Brook University, NY)

Spring 2018     LIN 201: Phonetics (Instructor: prof. Marie Huffman)

Spring  2017     LIN 431: Structure of Uncommonly Taught Languages (Instructor: prof. Michael Becker)

Spring  2016     LIN 201: Phonetics (Instructor: prof. Marie Huffman)

Fall      2015     LIN 201: Phonetics (Instructor: prof. Marie Huffman)

Spring  2015     LIN 200: Languages in the USA (Instructor: Dr. Andrei Antonenko)

Teaching assistant (Korea University, Seoul, Korea)

Fall      2012     ELED 424: Applied Linguistics (Instructor: Prof. Shinsook Lee)

Spring  2012     ELED 225: English Phonetics and Sound Patterns (Instructor: Prof. Shinsook Lee) Others

English lecturer/volunteer teacher

01/2013            Kaywon Middle School of Arts (Gyeonggi, Korea; taught 7th-grade students)

09-12/2012       Hanil Institute (Gyeonggi, Korea; taught students in 1st-12th grades)

09-11/2008       Korea University Middle School (Seoul, Korea; taught unprivileged students)

09-11/2007       Yongma Middle School (Seoul, Korea; taught underachieving students)

Graduate assistant (Korea University, Seoul, Korea)

Spring-Fall 2011       Center for Teaching and Learning (organized teaching programs for faculty)