Hyunah Baek [hjʌna bɛk]

백현아 白賢雅 هیانا بِک

http://idoverego.com/wp-content/uploads/mk_assets/components-production.min.css?ver=1492552574 I am a sixth-year PhD student in linguistics at Stony Brook University. I am primarily interested in how people produce and perceive speech sounds not only in their native languages but also in their second or foreign languages.

Research interests

buy Pregabalin online uk phonology and phonetics, syntax-phonology interface, second language acquisition, computational phonology

haldol cost per year Full academic CV can be found here.

Simplified one-page CV can be found here.


Ph.D. candidate in Linguistics, present
            Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY
            Dissertation: Prosodic resolution of syntactic ambiguity in first and second languages 
            Committee: Ellen Broselow, Jiwon Yun (co-chairs), Michael Becker, Marie Huffman

M.A. in English Language Education, 2013
            Korea University, Seoul, Korea
            Thesis: Korean EFL Learners’ Perception of English Focus 
            Committee: Shinsook Lee (chair), Taegoo Chung, Mi-Hui Cho

B.A. in English Language Education, 2011
            Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Visiting student in English, 2010
            Royal Holloway, University of London, UK